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Full-Range Drilling Services From the Panther Companies

Harness The Panther Advantage™

At Panther Fluids, we know what it takes to keep wellsites running smoothly. Drilling operations rely on successful management, high-quality equipment, and expert decision-making to keep them running efficiently and effectively. That’s why we offer a full range of drilling and oilfield services, including:

- Total fluids management
- Solids control
- Haul off and disposal
- Equipment rental and management

Trust Panther to handle all the details so that you can focus on what you do best: drilling wells. 
Dive into the details of our drilling services and explore a Panther rigsite with our CEO.





Meet Panther & The Big Cats

This PDF includes an overview of our total fluids management and drilling services, as well as our drilling fluids product packages.

Comprehensive Glossary of Drilling Fluids and Solids Control Terms

If you’ve ever needed a refresher on the complex jargon of these essential aspects of oil and gas operations, look no further than our comprehensive Glossary of Common Drilling Fluids and Solids Control Terms, compiled by the fluids experts at Panther.

Drilling Fluid Systems Sheet

This PDF covers a detailed overview of Panther’s fluids management systems, as well as our drilling fluid additives and solids control systems, all built by oil and gas professionals with unparalleled expertise. 

Anatomy of a Successful Rigsite Fluids Management Program

Explore every element necessary for a successful drilling fluids management program, and how using Panther Fluids for your drilling project can help reduce well costs, simplify the usual administrative burden of drilling operations, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Choose Panther.

The Panther Companies are here to help manage every facet of drilling operations with our full range of oilfield services. Trust us to manage your drilling fluids and solids control systems, or provide you with top-quality drilling equipment and haul off and disposal services — or, all of the above. While we’re managing your oilfield operations, you can keep doing what you do best: drilling wells.