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Unleash Unmatched Production Power
with The Panther Production Pack

Welcome to The Panther Companies, your number one source for high performance chemicals designed to skyrocket your oilfield productivity. We have harnessed the power of advanced polymer chemistry
to deliver our cutting-edge Panther Production Pack series of stimulation chemicals, finely formulated to optimize your completion and production performance.


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Leverage the Power of Oilfield Chemistry

Our Panther Production Pack features industry-leading oilfield chemicals designed to tackle the toughest oilfield challenges. Our chemicals work hand in hand with your completions engineers, offering the best in stimulation performance for E&P companies. We don’t just supply chemicals; we provide a complete solution package, designed to meet your every need.

Boost Production Levels with Precision-Formulated Chemicals

The Panther Production Pack empowers completion engineers with unparalleled control over completion and stimulation  fluids. Our chemicals are designed to tackle common challenges, such as controlling swelling claysreduce paraffin and asphaltene buildup, and inhibiting scale production. We take the lead among  fluids companies with our production chemicals, bolstered by our unmatched expertise in oilfield operations.

High Performance Chemicals for Peak Efficiency

We offer scale inhibitors, fluid additives, and powerful non emulsifiers that drive efficiency and performance. Our products deliver proven results for hydrocarbon recovery, iron control, and paraffin control, providing comprehensive solutions for your operations.

Harness The Panther Advantage™ with Renewable and Sustainable Solutions

In a rapidly evolving industry, we understand the increasing importance of sustainability. Our high performance chemicals not only maximize productivity but also deliver on the renewable carbon index front. You can trust us to deliver sustainable, high-performing solutions that won’t compromise on environmental stewardship.

Make the Switch Today!

The Panther Production Pack provides the extra edge you need to reach peak efficiency levels and drive your production sky-high. Harness the Panther Advantage™, optimize production, and set new standards for completion performance.

Ready to boost your completion and production levels? Don’t wait. Download the sales sheet and see for yourself the power of Panther Production Pack series chemicals.